Our story

Ecotistic exists to bring forth the makers and creators that are minimizing their negative impact on the world.
We offer sustainable and ethical alternatives that won't disguise your impeccable style. Shop with us online, catch us at our pop ups and events, or become a wholesale partner!

from the founder

why ethical fashion?

 We are the anti fast fashion. While our $3 trillion fashion industry, is viewed as glamorous, alluring and iconic, it oftentimes neglects all of the layers of exploitation, pollution and waste that it creates. Being a fellow industry ally, I can sadly agree to this, but I will NOT justify it.
The reality is that people are consciously choosing their status and ego over the ecological impact they have on the environment and the millions of lives that are exploited. (Get it?- Ecotistic > Egotistic) Let’s face it, we can’t just quit fashion, otherwise we would all be running around in our birthday suits. That said, there are better ways to be more conscious of what we put on our bodies while still maintaining grace and style, and ecotistic is to provide you with guidance and ethical alternatives! No finger wagging here. One small step for fashion, one giant leap for fashion kind. 

Ethically yours,
Briana Codella

Things we do:


Online shop

Shop ethical brands through our online platform. We get it - shopping is much better done when in sweatpants on your couch.


Pop Up's / Events

Join us in various locations while we set up shop. Though we love New York, we are nomads by nature and believe ethical fashion should be available to all. Not only does this serve as awareness for our partnering brands, but it allows for our fan-girls/guys to try on their faves in a shop near them! 

We pop up within your favorite existing boutiques, as well as our own temporary shop spaces and affiliated events/fairs.

Oh, and did we mention we throw a kickass event? Community is our middle name. We're all about throwing events that not only entertain, but educate and inspire. 



Fair fashion for all! We love our brands so much we are willing to share! With a proven market for ethical fashion, we cover a road map of territories to offer our featured brands to other mindful business owners. 


Ethos criteria:

We understand there is no true definition of 100% Sustainable - That said, we let you choose what value that resonates most with you! Here are some values we support:

  • Small production 

  •  Mindful materials

  • Cruelty free
  • Lady Owned

  • Hand-Crafted / Artisan

  • USA Made
  • Zero Waste

  • Seasonless styles

  • Upcycled/Recycled

did you know?

80% of the world's forests are already destroyed and ONLY 20% of forests are properly protected!

46-58 THOUSAND square miles of forest are lost every year. That's equivalent to 36 football fields every minute!

Fashion to Reforest

In an effort to combat deforestation, Ecotistic partnered with One Tree Planted to bring life back to worldwide forests. Each purchase with Ecotistic puts another tree in the ground