Symbology Clothing

Symbology employs women artisans from India and the West Bank, each bringing beautiful cultural artforms to our collections. Symbology aims not only to produce beautiful clothing but also to preserve traditional art forms in each garment — from Indian block printing to Palestinian weaving and Native American embroidery.

Chirag Nainani

Based amidst the locally skilled craftsmen and the Thar Desert. Chirag Nainani is synonyms with
Indian handlooms and locally crafted goodness of fabrics and its textures. The label is an
amalgamation of the old charm of the classic Indian handlooms and modern day edgy fashion
The collection is focused on abstract hand block printing by the skilled craftsmen of Bagru on cotton
and silk blends giving this collection a touch of modern and ancient with a playful twist.
The label has also had the ne distinction to be awarded the Fresher Designer award at India Beach

Studio Variously

Variously is a sustainable brand based in Detroit, creating capsule collections in fashion & home by collaborating with global artisanal partnerships to explore heritage techniques in prints & weaves inspired by contemporary ideas. The purpose of the brand is to promote cross-cultural skill share, by creating a meaningful supply chain & mindful luxury for socially conscious consumer.

Variously exclusively uses natural yarns like organic cotton, linen, wool, cashmere, merino, silk. Organic dyes are using while exploring techniques like block printing, shibori. Variously textiles are also custom hand woven thereby supporting the weaver communities in India & Nepal. Human capital is at the forefront and quintessential spirit of the brand.