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Origami Silk Trousers

Origami Silk Trousers

Regular price $150.00

Undies Card

Undies Card

Regular price $7.00

Hibiscus Kimono Sleeve Romper

Hibiscus Kimono Sleeve Romper

Regular price $130.00

No one liked him anyways Card

No one liked him anyways Card

Regular price $7.00

Organic Shea Butter - Rose

Organic Shea Butter - Rose

From Regular price $11.00

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Fashion to Reforest

DID YOU KNOW: 80% of the world's forests are already destroyed and ONLY 20% of forests are properly protected!

In an effort to combat deforestation, Ecotistic partnered with One Tree Planted to bring life back to worldwide forests. Each purchase with Ecotistic puts another tree in the ground


Buy Baby Cacti Tie Front Maxi in Cream + Gold



What makes Ecotistic Ethical?

Our selection of independent designers and makers are consciously curated with two factors in mind: People and Planet. In an industry that sneakily gets away with exploitation, we do our very best to be transparent about who makes our clothes, how it is made and with as little impact on the environment as possible.

We do understand, there is no final answer to how we can consume 100% sustainably, so we offer alternatives for the values in which you'd like to support the most! 


Where does Ecotistic "Pop-Up"?

Currently based in Westchester, New York, we pop up mostly in places local to the North Eastern United States region. We find our home in privately owned boutiques and shops, as well as local events and our soon-to-be semi-permanent, Signature Pop Up Location (TBA).

If you feel there is a place you'd love to see us pop up, we'd love to hear your thoughts! Send all inquiries to

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